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How much food does a Sphynx cat eat? Feeding your Sphynx

How much food does a Sphynx cat eat? Feeding your Sphynx
  • On noviembre 10, 2014

As a Sphynx cat owner you will want your pet to be happy and healthy, and of course, nutrition plays a crucial role. So, Let’s talk about Sphynx cat nutrition. How much food does a Sphynx cat eat?

Sphynx cats love to eat! Despite their posh look, they are not fussy eaters at all. Sphynx cats love to try different kinds of food and they always seem to be hungry. In my experience, no matter what you offer them (meat, fish, canned cat food, etc), …they will eat it happily! -I also own «common» shor-hair cats, and I can tell that my Sphynx cats are less «picky» when it comes to food.

Due to their lack of fur, Sphynx cats keep their bodies warm thanks to a high metabolism. What does it mean that Sphynx cats have a «high metabolism»? In a few words, this means that they need to eat more food than other cat breeds compared to their size, so they can transform the food into energy and body heat.

1. What kind of food should I offer my Sphynx cat?

As with any other cat, that is entirely your decision. You might want to:

  • Offer your Sphynx cat mainly kibble, and some wet canned food. In that case I recommend you buy the best kibble you can afford.
  • Offer your Sphynx cat a raw diet (BARF). BARF is the acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, and it consists mainly of raw chicken or rabbit, and some raw liver and heart, some raw fish, etc. Owners that have swithched to this type of natural food report excellent results in their cat’s health.
  • Offer your Sphynx cat a «mixed» diet. That means you may give your Sphynx some kibble, some home made food, some raw or boiled chicken, etc. This approach will keep you Sphynx cat interested in food.

If you introduce a new food into your Sphynx cat‘s diet and you see they vomit or have diarrhoea, that is a clear sign you should stop feeding them that particular food,

2. How much food does a Sphynx cat eat?:

If you are feeding dry or wet commercial cat food, you should follow the directions that appear on the food’s packaging.

Note that wet food is 70 to 80% water, so the amounts of wet food you should feed your cat will be a lot bigger (compared to dry kibble).

Besides, use common sense to adjust your Sphynx cat‘s daily intake. Every Shpynx cat is different as you may own a kitten, adult or senior Sphynx cat, some are spayed or neutered, some are more active than others, and so on. If you see your Shpynx cat is gaining weight, you should reduce the amount of food you are feeding your cat!

3. Offer your Shpynx cat several meals per day:

It is a great idea to feed your Shpynx cat not once, but several times a day with smaller amounts on each intake (I offer my Sphynx cats 3 or 4 meals per day). Offering several meals per day is a healthier option for Sphynx cats, as this will allows their bodies to manage their energy levels in a better way. Besides, cats that only eat a big portion of food once a day tend to eat more and thus gain weight.

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