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Personality of the Sphynx cat

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  • On noviembre 9, 2014


Have you ever owned or met a Sphynx cat? The best attribute of this cat breed is their personality. So, what is the personality of a Sphynx cat like?

A Sphynx cat’s temperament is quite different from a «regular» cat (I own regular cats and also Sphynx cats, and even if I love them all equally, I can tell there is a big difference in their personalities).

Sphynx cats are really affectionate, the love to jump into your lap, they seek love and attention a lot more than a regular cat, as they truly enjoy human company. Compared to other cats, the Sphynx are unusually friendly, and they really LOVE to be TOUCHED and petted!

Another trait of the Sphynx cat’s personality is that they adore having company, so if you work long hours, it is a great idea to have two cats, so that they can play together while you are away.

In a way the temperament of the Sphynx cat is a bit like a little dog’s, as they follow you around the house and they come running to say «hello» when you get home.

They are also quite intelligent cats. For instance Goliat (our King) knows how to open doors, so I cannot leave him inside a room, as he will simply use his self-learned skills to scape… -Clever little brat… 😉

Another great thing about the Sphynx cat personality is that they are fearless, so they enjoy when people come and visit us. The can jump into a guest’s lap and start purring for attention (something my regular cats would not do in a million years!).

The Sphynx cats are also funny guys, as they have «comical & silly ideas» such as jumping to weird places or standing in your shoulder (like a parrot would do).

They are also athletic cats who love to jump and run for fun.

Sphynx cats are 100% interactive cats, so if you like to pet and caress your cat, sleep next to him and play all day long, this is your breed!

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