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Grooming and cleaning a Sphynx cat

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  • On noviembre 9, 2014


In this post we will be learning the basics of grooming and cleaning your Sphynx cat!

If you think owning a Sphynx cat means that no grooming is necessary, I’m sorry to tell you this, but you are wrong! It is obviously true that Sphynx cats don’t need any brushing as they are hairless cats, however they will need you to do certain things for them in order to be clean and healty. Let’s have a look at the basic requirements of Sphynx grooming:

1. Sphynx cats have oily skin:

Probably a Sphynx cat has skin that is pretty similar to other cat’s, however, as they have no fur to absorb the oils that the skin produces, you have to remove it through regular cleaning.

If you don’t, your Sphynx cat will look a bit «oily» or dirty, and will leave oily or reddish marks in your furniture and bed.

So, how do you clean a Sphynx cat skin and body? In order to do so you have two methods;

  • You can bath your Sphynx cat once or twice a month. In order to do so, please use warm water (not very hot) as it might burn your kitty’s skin and also use a shampoo specifically designed for cats, or else, one for babies.
  • You can use cat wet wipes and clean your Sphynx cat’s body once or twice a week. If you don’t have cat wipes, you can use the ones for humans, but try to buy hypoallergenic ones for sensitive skin or the ones with aloe vera.

2. Sphynx cats ears need to be cleaned regularly:

Sphynx cats also produce more wax in their ears than «regular» cats do. In order to keep your Sphynx cat’s ears clean you will need to groom them regularly.

How often do I need to clean my Sphynx cat’s ears? This depends on the cat, because not all Sphynx cats produce the same amount of wax. Some may need weekly cleaning of their ears but some others may be ok if you clean them once or twice a month. So you will have to observe your Sphynx and reach a conclusion.

  • In order to clean your Sphynx cat ears you will need cotton pads
  • cotton buds (cotton swabs)
  • and cat ear cleaning solution

3. Trimming your Sphynx cat’s claws:

Trimming your Sphynx cat’s claws is no different from any other cat breed. So if you have already owned any other cat in your life, you know how this goes. You will simply need:

  • special claw trimmers
  • alternatively you may use sharp nail clippers for humans

How often do you need to clip your Sphynx cat’s nails? Well, again, it depends. Some people like to do it every two weeks, some other people do it once a month.

These three points are the basics of grooming a Sphynx cat. Of course you may also do additional grooming, such as applying lotions on their skin, but for a start, these 3 things are enoug!

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